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Hill Times:  Editor's Pick for one of the best political books of 2009
Montreal Gazette Bestseller list - (4 weeks)
Globe and Mail Bestseller list (April 19)
Collected Works (#1 bestseller for the month of April) -- "Hot New Release" and "top-ten" bestseller for non-fiction 

" aptly and ably summarizes, as the subtitle has it, The Truth about Conservatives from Macdonald to Harper. The 500-page tome takes on the unenviable task of trying to make political reactionaries interesting. It succeeds admirably...Plamondon has written a solid and useful political study. His labour of love is a valuable contribution to the thin shelf of authoritative texts on the right wing of Canadian politics. If truth were the sum of all the ascertainable facts, Plamondon's oeuvre would be it...  The notion of the Liberals as Canada's natural leaders doesn't stand up, and it is to Plamondon's credit that future Conservative leaders will not automatically be categorized as taking charge of the latest interregnum regime between Liberal administrations.

Peter C. Newman (For the Globe and Mail)

"This book is a major contribution to Canadian political history and science; a page-turner usefully revealing much more about the present governing federal party, how it wins and loses and is distinguishable from its opponents, than is known by all but a studious few... I am inspired by reading the galleys of Robert Plamondon’s very interesting book..." 
Conrad Black 
"A captivating saga of egos fed and famished, of glory and doom,
of a torch still burning. For the first time, the Tory story is laid bare."

Lawrence Martin (Globe and Mail)
"This is a serious and scholarly book, and a fun one too"
L. Ian MacDonald (Montreal Gazette)
"Fascinating ... a great book ... really enjoyed it"
 Don Newman (CBC - Politics)
"A Great read -- I really enjoyed it"
Kathleen Petty (CBC's "The House")
"... a long overdue book ... succeeds admirably ...very informative and useful book that is chockfull of lessons for the current and future generations of Conservative politicians. If they want to avoid the mistakes of the past 100 years — the biggest of them being failing to repeat past mistakes —they should study this book carefully."
 Policy Options (Adam Daifallah)